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Worker wearing uniform cleaning marble floor with buffer
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Marble is a popular option for countertops, bathrooms, walls, floors, windowsills, foyers and fireplaces. Its elegance and beauty give a refined, stylish finish to any room. Marble comes in two finishes, polished or matte. Both require expert care.

Polished and matte finishes have distinct characteristics that require different treament but both can be damaged easily. Acidic substances like tomato, tea, coffee, butter, fruit juice and vinegar can mark your marble surface.

Outdoor cleaning - progress courtyard tile cleaning
Outdoor cleaning - progress courtyard tile cleaning

Different surfaces


Matte marble is scratch resilient because it doesn’t have a glossy surface like polished marble. When matte marble is scratched, is doesn’t stand out as much but when liquid is spilt, the marble will soak it up quickly.
Polished marble has a finish which will resist stains a lot more however if it gets scratched, it is more obvious. Sealing the marble produces a barrier that gives protection against spills and stains and scratches.

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